IT Consulting

We are working with Spring, Hibernate, .NET, SharePoint to C++, C#, Java, RPG till AS400, Oracle, Progress. Our goal is to accomplish high communication to our customers by introducing and applying new coming technology features.

We are working to reach effective results
and satisfied clients.

Shared service centre services,
service desk analyst services

Through our consultants we are remotely contributing to corporate Client's IT Teams. Our skilled Consultant engineers are handling hardware, software related issues.

We understand the Language requirements

As multilingual Consultants we work with most of the European languages.

We have a strong resource of European language speakers:

English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Flemish, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Estonian, Maltese, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Turkish


Hebrew, Arabic, Afrikaans, Sino-Tibetan languages (Mandarin, Cantonese speaker), Altaic languages ( i.e. : Japanese speakers), Indo-Iranian Languages (Persian and Hindi)

Thanks to our consultant´s agile approach allows us to reach a 95% contract renewal rate.

Companies are fronting challenges because of unsettled technology e.g. cloud, mobility and digital technologies. This is reflecting on their IT structure and workforce. This layover of unstructured IT solutions can make it problematic to create and implement innovative solutions and efficiency to their business.

Our IT consulting team provides the means and knowledge that would help clients overcome their challenges. Our consultants understand the new technology tendencies, they have the skills, tools and methods to help you gain agility while integrating and maintaining your applications business processes. We work end-to-end across all dimensions to deliver the result.

Consulting offering

Our top consultants can help develop innovations and solutions that can empower clients to disrupt their markets scope. We can successfully define, design and deliver solutions to global organisations across all industry sectors.

Our core areas of consulting are:

  • IT strategy
  • Application and infrastructure optimisation
  • Technical architecture

IT strategy

We work with you to develop practical, implementable IT strategies that align IT plans with your business strategy to deliver maximum business value.

We can help you in:

  • Business continuity
  • Transition and transformation with minimum IT disruptions
  • We assist in IT Strategy creation - modification, alignment, changes in IT Capability

IT strategy's objective is value

Our aim is to create value - shareholder, or stakeholder or business value. This objective is not met unless we "maximize" value i.e. use the least amount of resources, and risk to create the most returns

Our IT strategy process

Our IT strategy process

Application and infrastructure optimisation

What we hear from you...
How do I spend more time on important vs. urgent tasks?

We help in developing and implementing new strategies.
Finally, realize that optimization is not a ”once and done” opportunity.
In this new landscape, you must outline a clear roadmap and build in the flexibility to benefit of new opportunities - such as applying the latest energy management technologies.

  • Leverage lower-tier data centers
  • Consolidate data center operations
  • Choose low-cost relocations
  • Reduce the data center footprint
  • Put SaaS and PaaS to work in the data center

Technical architecture

Our consultants can help to:

  • Business intelligence (and analytical applications)
  • Data warehouse and BI data stores
  • Data integration
  • Data source

We offer our consulting services in

  • Data Virtualization
  • Advise on optimization of the current BPM architecture
  • End user architecture design
  • Desktop management
  • Mobile computing solution
  • Virtual desktop
  • Enterprise security architecture design
  • Security configuration and procedures
  • Infrastructure strategy and design
  • Platform design (compute, storage network and security)
  • Disaster recovery design
  • EAI and BPM architecture design
  • Design, implement the EAI / BPM design
  • Datacentre consolidation, relocation and optimisation
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